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WhipBass Records Berlin


There is a German saying which is the essence of techno music for us at WHIPBASS. We call it ‘Technopeitsche’. It`s the driving sound that keeps pushing us through the night like a popping whip. It is a naughty ride on the waves of techno and that is the quintessence of our Berlin-based techno label WHIPBASS.

Corinna Zoch, born and raised in Berlin, founded WHIPBASS in March 2018. Making use of her extensive experience previously working as label manager at VANDIT Records and later at BMG fulfilling positions as Senior Director, Corinna launched the techno label WHIPBASS.

It was the city of Berlin, its unique history, clubs like E-Werk and the electronic music that evolved from the mystical time of the ‘90s that her love and passion for techno music originated from. This influential background paved the way for her professional career.

Starting with a digital imprint of the label has attracted artists like MSDMNR aka Miro Pajic and Asem Shama, who both have been an important and constant part of the techno scene since the early 90’s, Rog de Prisco who is one of the hottest young talents from Italy as well as Scottish born Marc St. Clair who enriches the German techno scene with his Glasgow influenced tracks and so does PRYDIE from Manchester.