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Franko Carino

Franko Carino, is one of the original groundbreaking electronic musicians in North Florida. Born in Los Angeles, California, Franko was raised during an exciting time in music when electronic music was really playing an important role in the music business.

Inspired by the musical style of his older brother, who was a huge Depeche Mode fan, Franko early figured that the electronic music style is where he belongs. “Alan Wilder changed my life when I saw Depeche Mode 101 and watched him explaining how a sampler works, I knew from that point on that was what I wanted to do.” By the time he was 15 then, he got his first keyboard, an Emu Emax, which was the changing point in his life.
He was blown away by the endless things he could create with a sampler and started to make his own sounds right away.

Around the time he was 16 years old, he went to his first rave, where he heard the song “Their Law" by "The Prodigy”, which inspired him to make his own sounds and experiment with different ways of creating electronic music. A year later, he did not just discover his real passion for music, but also his talent in producing and writing music himself.

Franko also started to DJ house parties and guest spots in Jacksonville at the age of 17. Receiving great reactions and adding his unique touch to Djing. “I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing, so I started to just remix on the fly and creating mash ups on the spot. I never wanted people to hear the same set twice.”

He also joined mainly industrial bands during his early career but always made electronic music and hip hop on the side.
He definitely has his own style of production, making beats for local hip hop artist’s and industrial bands in Jacksonville.

At the age of 23 he linked up with Scott Weiser (Jackal & Hyde) and learned a lot about sound design and being unique with his art. In 2012, Franko became the touring DJ for Limp Bizkit after the departure of DJ Lethal. He toured under the persona DJ SK3L3TOR but removed the mask in 2013.

“I really had some great teachers from Scott, Lethal and Sam and everyone in between.”

With every project he has been a part of so far, he's brought a higher sense of energy as well as freshness to how electronic music is approached. He has worked with some great musicians, producers and engineers like Scott Weiser (Jackal & Hyde), Dj Lethal (Limp Bizkit/House Of Pain), Sam Rivers (Limp Bizkit), John Otto (Limp Bizkit) and Terry Balsamo (Evanescence / Cold).

Now with the knowledge and drive acquired from his inspirations and influences, Franko is ready to take his unique blend of electronic music to the masses and starts with an excellent collaboration with brazilian techno producer NGC 21 aka Fred Inglez.

Both share a similar musical background and created a unique masterpiece named "Big Crunch" which will be released soon on WHIPBASS.