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Marc St. Clair

Based in the City of Glasgow, Scotland Marc was raised in a musical family and has been involved in music for many years in some shape or form, always a keen lover of electronic music from an early age having been exposed to Depeche Mode, New Order and Kraftwerk. From the age of 16 Marc started going to nightclubs to see some of the biggest names in electronic music such as Carl Cox, The Prodigy and Jeff Mills. Seeing such huge names was more than enough to inspire Marc to begin creating his own music and learning to DJ for himself, starting with a humble PC running Logic, an Akai S2000 sampler, a 2 channel mixer and a pair of belt driven decks.

While Marc spent much of his teen years experimenting with sound and exploring various electronic genres, it became apparent that the darker experimental side of electronic music was most appealing to him. To this day, some of Marc’s biggest inspirations will always be fellow Scottish artists Boards of Canada and Slam – as well as famous Glasgow techno label Soma Records. For many years Marc has been a regular attendee at some of the best club nights in Glasgow, including The Arches and the Sub Club where he has seen the who’s who of techno and other experimental genres. Over the past 10 years Marc has also played regularly as a DJ in various clubs throughout Scotland, albeit – ‘under the radar’. After writing and producing many tracks over the years, Marc is now primed and ready to release this music instead of allowing them to die quietly on a hard-drive and we at WHIPBASS are happy that we found him and that we can release his excellent productions on our label.