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NGC 21 - Fred Inglez Social Network

NGC 21

NGC 21 is the Techno project of brazilian producer and DJ Fred Inglez.

Techno, is the underground language of electronic music. It`s a way to question social norms, to free ourselves from day by day life, challenging what respective society considers "normal". Get into a real nightclub, is to get lost in a sea of bodies, who are there to design their own experiences and identities. 

Having worked in production and recording sessions for several known Brazilian artists of the general public, such as Marcelo Bonfá (Legião Urbana) and Marcelo Yuka (O Rappa), besides being the right arm of the legend Roy Cicala (american producer and sound engineer of John Lennon, ACDC, Alice Cooper, Bruce Springsteen ), Fred attended the course of Electronic Music Production by D.AGENCY, a label from DEDGE, maybe the biggest Electronic music club in Brazil. He was invited to perform in an american TV show from FOX channel International, but could´t attend it because of Green Card issues.

Now based in Berlin, Fred Inglez has made a summer tour in Europe playing in clubs like www.goinevent.de, www.alfonsx.de, www.blankenesekiezinternat.de.

He has released some tracks with DUO BOX Records, a digital label from United Kingdom, and has just signed a deal with our Label.  Fred has his own vision and understanding of techno music, expect some great productions and collaborations which will be revealed soon.

Stay tuned for more info!