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WhipBass Records Berlin

Original Mix 05:10
Drumsauw Remix 05:40

Argy (UK)

The Dizko

Release Date
May 31st, 2022

Danny Avila playing the Drumsauw Remix of 'The Dizko' at Tomorrowland 2022!

Argy (UK) lands on WHIPBASS with a new single titled 'The Dizko'.

As the title suggests, 'The Dizko' is a track specifically designed for the dancefloor, it features a steady Techno groove with a driving bassline, and it's topped with florid synths and some spicy glitchy effects, giving the tune a very catchy momentum.

The Plymouth producer Drumsauw joins the project, he provides his own touch shaking up the elements of the original track. The result is a raw and powerful Techno jam with a very underground touch.