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WhipBass Records Berlin

Original Mix 06:38
Donato Diana Remix 07:51

Daniele Zennaro

Last Moments

Release Date
January 11th, 2023

Daniele Zennaro is an italian techno producer from Venice. He fell in love with electronic music in 2010 and ulitmately electronic music production became his new passion. He released his first EP 'Violence' in 2016 on Dark Smile Records and entered the top 100 hardtechno charts on position 12 for two weeks. Later Daniele released trance and techno songs in particular on Subwoofer Discs.

For a series of unfortunate events he stopped producing music for a few years, but the passion remained more ardent than ever. At the beginning of 2022 Daniele decided to start publishing on record labels again and the WHIPBASS Records Family is very happy to have him on board with his new single 'Last Moments'.

On top of this we were able to get italian producer and DJ Donato Diana on board who is known for his perfection and outstanding production skills. Donato already released on labels like the infamous Autektone and Black Square Recording just to name a few. Donato delivered a BEAST here but listen by yourself.