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WhipBass Records Berlin

WB017_Cover_BobHz_Psicosis_EP Mixes
Psicosis 05:36
Akhenaton 05:42
Hypnotic Substance 06:11


Psicosis EP

Release Date
May 15th, 2024

BobHz, aka Simone Bartuccio, unleashes a sonic storm with his latest EP, 'Psicosis', marking his triumphant return to WHIPBASS. Riding high on the success of his previous hit 'The Hole' Bartuccio dives deeper into the abyss of dark, gritty beats. The three-track EP promises a relentless journey through the shadows of techno. 'Psicosis' kicks off with frenetic energy, driving the listener into a frenzy with its fast-paced rhythms. 'Akhenaton' follows suit, injecting a dose of acid into its pulsating beats. Closing the EP, 'Hypnotic Substance' delivers a hard-hitting assault on the senses, laced with haunting FX. Prepare to be captivated by BobHz's signature blend of darkness and intensity.